Research in Medicon Valley 2017

En analyse af life science-forskningen ved universiteter og forskningscentre i Greater Copenhagen-regionen, som Øresundsinstituttet har udarbejdet på vegne af Medicon Valley Alliance.

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Around 7 000 researchers at nine learning institutions in Medicon Valley conduct life science research: the University of Copenhagen, Lund University, the Technical University of Denmark, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Alnarp, Malmö University, the National Institute of Public Health/SDU, Roskilde University, Kristianstad University and Aalborg University in Copenhagen. Important research areas in the region are diabetes and metabolic diseases, cancer, neuroscience and stem cell research, biobased applications and biorefinery, plant science and protein research. Some of the many thriving, but less broad, areas of research are genomics and metagenomics, coagulation, sports medicine, chemical ecology and biobarriers.

From an international perspective, Medicon Valley is just a notch below the most successful life science regions, but more specialised and strong niche areas create potential for the region’s universities to become prominent in the global competition for researchers and funding. These niche areas may comprise certain research areas – as the elite research centres at the University of Copenhagen – or an entire university, as in the Swedish University of Agricultural Science in Alnarp.

All the while, expectations are mounting when it comes to the opportunities and potential that the research facilities ESS and MAX IV will bring to life science research.